Huang Chung-hsin

The Office of the President’s position on the May 24 interpretation* issued by the Justices of the Constitutional Court under the Judicial Yuan:

First, the law must protect the people’s freedom of marriage and right to equality. Under our Constitution, interpretations issued by the Justices of the Constitutional Court are binding upon individuals, and upon government agencies at all levels, throughout the entire country.

Second, all government agencies, acting in accordance with the interpretation and taking into account a full range of views, are requested to move as quickly as possible to draft legislative bills and forward them to the Legislative Yuan for deliberations. These bills must be passed by the Legislative Yuan in a timely manner.

Third, President Tsai Ing-wen calls upon everyone in our society to show an attitude of understanding, tolerance, and respect toward those who hold opinions that differ from their own. The president is confident that the mechanisms of democracy in Taiwan are mature enough to resolve dissent.


*The Constitutional Court ruled that the section on marriage in the Civil Code, which does not allow same-sex marriage, is unconstitutional and it asked the Legislature to amend the relevant laws within two years to ensure the rights of same-sex couples.