The Taipei Representative Office in Hungary facilitates visa applications of citizens and residents of Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Kosovo, Republic of Montenegro, and Republic of Serbia. This office also processes working holiday visas for Hungarian citizens.

Citizens of Montenegro are eligible for eVisas. For more information on eVisa, please visit ROC Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Bureau of Consular Affairs eVisa FAQs. To apply for eVisa, plesae click here.


–     Application form: please download from
Upon downloading the completed form, please print and sign.

–     2 colour photos (with light background, good quality, 3,5*4,5cm)

–     Return air ticket reservation

–     Bank statement

–     Hotel reservation

–     Passport (which is valid at least 6 months before the departure date from Taiwan)

–     Photocopy of the passport  (the page with personal information)

–     Travel itinerary

–     Visa fee

Additional documents might be requested after preliminary review of the application.
The documents will not be returned so please make your own photocopies should you need them.

Visitor visa requirements for other purposes:

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Procedures for Nationals of the Designated Countries Applying for Visitor Visas to the Republic of China (Taiwan)

Information on resident visa to the Republic of China (Taiwan)

Method of application:

  • in person
  • through an agent: Authorization in English or Chinese is needed. Please note that the agent’s personal information (name, date of birth, passport/ID number) has to be indicated in the document.

The application cannot be sent by mail or courier service.

Fees for single entry visa:

  • 50 USD or 13,500 HUF for normal processing (3 working days if all documents are in order)
  • 75 USD or 20,250 HUF for urgent processing (1 working day if all documents are in order)

The visa fee has to be paid in cash. Please bring the exact amount.

Please note that we are not able to change money or accept US dollar bills printed before 2004.

As the old versions of 2,000- and 5,000-forint banknotes, as well as the 20,000-forint banknotes will be withdrawn from circulation starting July 31, 2017 and December 31, 2017, respectively, the Taipei Representative Office will only accept new notes following the said dates. Please see announcement here.

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9:30 – 12:0014:30-16:00

Consular Department
Tel.: +36-1-266-2884 / +36-1-266-4817

Working holiday visa for Hungarian citizens:

  1. Qualifications:

Applicants are qualified if they meet the following requirements:

  • Being a Hungarian citizen residing in Hungary at the time of application;
  • Never being a Working Holiday maker in Taiwan;
  • Being between the ages of 18 and 35 inclusive on the date of application;
  • Not being accompanied by spouse or dependents, unless they are also in possession of working holiday visas.


  1. Required documents:
  • An online completed, printed out and signed ROC (Taiwan) visa application form (available at for the Working Holiday Scheme;
  • A Hungarian passport valid for more than 12 months upon arrival in Taiwan;
  • Two colour passport-size photos taken within 6 months;
  • Valid medical and comprehensive hospitalization insurance throughout their stay in Taiwan;
  • A non-criminal record;
  • Proof of financial support at least €4000, or rather €2500 plus valid return or onward flight ticket;
  • Non-refundable application fee of 27,000 HUF or 100 USD.


  1. Application procedures:
  • Applications must be made in person;
  • Applications must be submitted to the Taipei Representative Office in Hungary;
  • Applicants may be requested to provide additional documents or to be interviewed as necessary.


  1. Type of visa issued:
  • Type: Visitor Visa
  • Validity: One year from the date of issue, good for multiple entries;
  • Duration of stay: 180 days, extendable for another 180 days.
  • An extension of up to 180 days can be applied for, 15 days prior to the expiry of stay, at the National Immigration Agency service center in the city or county of residence in Taiwan.
  • The total duration of stay will be no more than one year from the date of entry into Taiwan.
  • No further extensions or changes of visa type will be permitted thereafter.


  1. Notice
  • Participants in the Scheme are not permitted to engage in permanent employment during their visit and should not work for the same employer for more than three months during their visit;
  • Participants in the Scheme cannot undertake any formal courses other than Chinese language courses in Taiwan not exceeding a total of three months duration during the course of their visit to Taiwan.