The origin of the name of the lightstick resonates from their song that they have debuted with. This is their (GFriend) official lightstick. But most of them said that Sowon is the visual but SouMu didn’t confirm it yet. – Has a variety of change in facial expressions. Thanks for the addition! – Sowon stated that Eunha was very quiet and didn’t talk a lot when they were trainees. . actually never mind, vocal, rap dance, and visual line have 6 members each. N.Flying BTS Merch (3) EXO Merch (4) Lightstick (8) Uncategorized (12) GFriend Lightstick. Eunha – SinB is the 4th member to appear on “King of Masked Singer”, as ‘Korean Fan Dance Girl’. • BMI – 16.95 Sinb stage name is sinb not shinb. Instagram: @ummmmm_j.i, Umji Facts: Gfriend pleaseee. Is it just me or does Sowon look a lot like IU? – Yuju is the sporty of the group. – Eunha likes to watch TV shows especially cooking shows. But……….. Thanks a lot for the info! what’s the truthhhh? , @disqus_uoJeIAyILF:disqus Thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! lmao actually they never revealed the official visual:(, Sowon herself said her real height is 178 cm at Weekly Idol. Yerin graduated from highschool with master degree in philanthrophy. When the lightstick was revealed, many fans thought the design looked like a dumpling—hence the name. Can you please add this to Umji facts, she got accepted to SOPA theater department, the hardest to get into and also graduate from it too. , @winter_arixa:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! (they are both wearing sneakers) I remember a Weekly idol ep also where it was said she was 178 so. – Her first solo release was the song “Don’t Come to Farewell”. – Netizens think of her from “ugly” to goddess when she had a 5 kg (11 lbs) weight loss during FINGERTIP Era. how can we edit the wrong info? FOTG: SinB, she’s the most popular member of the group Yuju Yoo Se Yoon: The 2x Dance Speed was created by GFRIEND .The singers that made the 2x speed Dance, For being a newborn BUDDY. Poor bby. 6.#Sowon – Popular in Thailand. – She’s a fan of Harry Potter series. Thanks, we gave you credits in the post! The Korean word for treasure is 보물. But I’m sure that SinB’s the most popular member in South Korea and internationally tho. , @jaekailchoi:disqus Yerin searches for her name online and has ever seen an article about her debating if she is a human or a doll. – Sowon stated that her mom brought her a huge bowl of salad to eat when she trained. (Vlive) Park Junhee :”Umji is actually attractive but she’s not confident with herself. Favourite Add to Pastel BTS Army Bomb pin ~ Hard Enamel IPurplePins. – She was born in Incheon, South Korea. – Yuju and Seventeen’s DK are classmates in SOPA. And many fans thinks SinB and Eunha. It’s a little bit confusing. I also saw that Yerin’s the visual and SinB’s the face of the group in GFSquad Forums. And SinB be the 2 Visual. – She loves eating spicy food. We gave you credits in the post! She was born in Incheon, South Korea and has one older brother. (Special thanks to Cilla, Jieun, Ellie Mondello, Chella Chua, DURIAN, Yanti, Alifia Kanya Dibya, buddies 96, Ella, IGot7 Army Buddy Once Blink, Lahelia, Michan, Lilly, Kod, Xeiss Erin, Laurie Joy Julito Cocal, Jung, sophrodite07, ParkXiyeonisLIFE, buddy wuoddy, FwufehMiwotic, Riye, Ain Zulaiha, Charlene Cachero, Tom Hannah, Park Sooyoung, I’m like tt, Buddy Aroha, Tom Hannah, Chu ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥, Austria Mallak, nathan, perfectpieces, Hena De la Cruz, Saeko, Serene Rudana, Amrh Hsymh, YujuSojuJujuSinB, m i n e l l e, Baekhyun, Rahmita Razzak, yeon ʕ•ع•ʔ ssi, PRISTIN*TWICE, Hanboy, Imam Hanboy, Sanajaff, Always Reigning, SNF, Via Jeves, Eunha_Tami, Lily Perez, Ms. Paladian 2018, Arixa, PlayiinqAshLey, gf06, Hwangeunbi’s fan, Eunha_Tamim, Ansfrhn, lizethsilvery34_678, Jerick Adrian Mosquete, Aragorn Lee, Jay, Amelia, Jung YeRin, Merry Happy, Kpoptrash, Choi Lin Ji, Mina, Miyawaki Arukas, hobi uwu, KPOPCHIPMUNK, The Nexus, Amelia, Kaylee Fira, Mike Reynaire Aban, Ruba Hajj, STAN Loona, tal,#HUGHUG #허그허그 ☺️ #GFRIEND, apr,Muhammad Fiqih Feraldin. So umji was just casually on the street while source CEO spotted her and ask her to audition for their company ?!?!?!? We try to keep the profiles as accurate as possible so the fans’ contribution with information helps a lot. . 0. Love from Greece ^^, Edit: they say she is actually 172.8 but i am not sure about the “0.8” The design was shown for the first time during the NCT 2018 Fan Party. They both are pretty, but Sowon is the visual and Yerin is the center. So I guess we should just believe her. Yerin and IZ*ONE’s Lee Chaeyeon are friends. Umji Almost every K-pop group has a fan club with a special name by which fans refer to themselves. According to Yerin, Yuju and her is the funniest in GFriend. XD Show more Yuju fun facts…, SinB Gfriend Japan Official Lightstick Archived. They’ve revealed before that all of them have a chance to sing the whole song by themselves before lines are assigned to each of them, meaning that Eunha just suited the high note more than Yuju did this one time. Yuju is close friends with Dreamcatcher’s Dami. Chanyeol and Baekhyun are very popular in Korea and have a lot of variety shows, especially Chanyeol. Kpop Boy Group Profiles Sowon height is 173cm I see this when she measured her height in weekly idol How do you love all members equally when you have a bias?That does not make any sense.A bias is a bias because you like that member more than the other members. @disqus_Cc4RLHBaQN:disqus Thanks a lot for providing their comeback photos, it’s very much appreciated! In a new social media update, the group is asking fans to suggest names for the lightstick—here are 10 of the best ideas from Orbits so far. I’ll bet it says “Dancer.”. Eunha sang the drama The Package’s ost called “You Look Nice Today” with Yoon Ddan Ddan. so I would search google if I was curious if she was her real sister and I was so yaeh. – She also hates to do aegyo. Instagram: @yuuzth, Yuju Facts: I Really Like Umji Because She Looks Awesome *All Of Them Are* And PS: I’m Begginer So Hi! Without GFriend there’s no 2x Speed Dance. 4.Sowon-(main rapper(she auditioned in Source Music with rapping), visual, vocalist) There also 13 people who train at big hit not sinb and eunha only, Can u update that eunha is child actress and uzzlang too when she was kid, Can u update that eunha was child actress and she is uzzlang too when she was kid, one think i want to tell yo about yerin that she is very good at acting as she act at gag concert,she also act in drama 0am girl at season of her debute,she also act at snl and one more think she have mv with kisum,cao lu spring again, I don’t think so. Thanks a lot for providing their comeback photos along wit their names, it’s very much appreciated!, Gfriend lastest jap comeback their 3rd single (flower)MV Maybe yours untrained eyes can’t see the difference but the choregraphy wouldn’t look half as clean if SinB wasn’t at the front all the time. i am soo happy for my yerin she is now top of the list as she deserve it, Sowon got #2 on brand rankings how is she not popular. Yerin – Yerin ideal’s type is Lee Hyun Woo. I can’t believe that some fans still don’t get it! i would like your comment ^_^. Thanks for your comments! Yerin rapped in love bug and both rapped in life’s a party. It means the one who always got PROMOTED and SEEN in many shows. Umji’s father is the CEO of a famous dentist group called Moa Dentist Group. The first part of the word, “eung”, begins and ends with the circular character “ㅇ”. . Since Sowon is my bias I’ll help with some new infos! It has been updated and we gave you credits in the post! – Yuju is now called YeoJaeYi because of her weirdness. . It says “팀 내 밝은 읏음 과일처럼상큼한 비주얼 담당” and it means “A fresh visual responsibility for the team as a bright fruity fruit” in google translate xD is she playing with us or what???? but in Kpop the visual is chosen based on Korean beauty standards…. Anonymous on November 23rd. In the latest VLive she said that she is 12cm taller than Eunha and Eunha is at least 162cm. Somebody tell me why on so many article and video and other stuff the also call SinB a visual even though she’s not? Let’s keep going a little more.”. Plus, she introduced herself as “Gfriend’s Aphrodite” in their fanmeeting. Yerin – i didn’t see vid, @charlenecachero:disqus . It is really weird. – Her name Yerin means “Treasure”. There is no Main or Lead rapper. Eunha has an older brother. it’s their calculation wrong, or one of them didn’t say her real height? Plus they happen to be my biases. MBTI Type: ISTP – She likes dancing and working out. Eunha That was just an example. Thanks a lot for the info! Thank you for the update, it’s really appreciated! Actually you are right.. Just because yerin rap in love bug does not make her the sub rapper. The sticker inside the box can be attached to the diamond on the Lightstick. , i was just joking iykwim since she could do anything lol , Let’s wait for an official statement. Thank you for the info! correction maybe? Yerin-Lead Dancer, Face of the Group – She likes cooking and walking the catwalks. Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Center, Face of the Group Sowon Eunha-Lead Vocalist, Rapper WOW! She went to Hanlim because SOPA doesn’t teach modelling but Hanlim does, No, Rocky was the one that went to the same dance academy as her, @fitzbirds:disqus GFriend Official vLive Account:, @belynamaebulatao:disqus Most of friend members are good friend with RV and Twice members. kekekeekekekek. You will be given a review and experience form here. This was from way backkkkkk! – Eunha and SinB were in the same childhood dance team. Birth Name: Hwang Eun Bi (황은비) I’m truly sorry; but I do enjoy playing “devil’s advocate” here… …But I really do think a good case can be made for calling them all dancers, because watching any performance, how does one distinguish between SinB’s dancing and Umji’s? 0. GFRIEND (Hangul: 여자친구; Japanese: ジーフレンド) is a six-member girl group under Source Music. Gfriend’s official fandom colors are cloud dancer,scuba blue, and ultra violet. So…. – SinB still doesn’t know how to swim and she is not good at cooking. SinB-Main Dancer, Center, Vocalist. Quiz: Can you guess the song that belongs to each album? “ Moo ” is the Korean word for radish, which is also what the lightstick is shaped like. Sorry i don’t understand all… -_-, the way they wrote it is correct! XD, I’m sorry if I sounded rude, I really didn’t mean too. Also that is why she is called “The Face of The Group” because she is the one who represents her band on TV Unfollow. Anonymous yesterday. She is the lead rapper of GFriend, which is under Source Music. She knows what it is that she stands out.”, Umji should be more confident in her looks because she’s so pretty *__*, my current biases are Eunha and Umji *__*, @allan_paul_sodsod:disqus, Group2 1)Sowon makes a small appearance in Rainbow’s MV “To Me”., Sowon posted recently that her height is actually 172.3 cm. Many people found Jennie more pretty because she have her badass independent stage performance like CL and Jisoo isn’t popular because her only specialities is vocal like Dara of 2NE1. Please give us the comeback/photoshoot name or send us a link to the requested photos, as it happened before to update the pictures for a profile, then the one requesting to complain that it wasn’t the photoshoot he/she was asking for. 1. Yerin’s the visual. Thank you ,, I find it strange that my biases are almost an exact flip of what the votes are, @sanajaffexol:disqus – SinB is a former child model for kids clothing. It’s more okay on the update before than now because FOTG doesn’t mean the most popular in korea and have a lot of variety shows like Irene of Red Velvet, we know that Seulgi or Wendy has a lot of variety. Sowon’s older sister is a model. Likewise, it has taken a huge step to show love and care for the disabled. Rap many times doesn’t mean you’re rapper. I said it wasn’t a thing because GFriend’s OFD happened in 2015, months after they debuted., Eunha2 if it’s about variety show, it’s Yerin but if it’s about singing (Immortal Song, King of The Mask Singer), it’s absolutely Yuju’s territory. FOTG means the most popular in Korea not the most popular internationally. but Kai is also very popular and also has a lot of variety shows (like the ones where he appears with Taemin). Most groups follow a simple formula: the group or fandom name combined with “bong”, short for “eungwonbong” (the Korean word for lightstick). At over 1 foot in length, LOONA‘s lightstick is one of the most unique in K-Pop.Now, it needs an equally unique name. OF COURSE THERE IS, WHY WOULD WEEKLY IDOL INTRODUCED YERIN AS A VISUAL? Sowon has a dog named Meonji In Korean, the first letter of Golden Child is “골” (pronounced “gol”). umji is 49kg I do believe her but why is she angry its beautiful to be tall. maybe we dont know they’re close with BTS but SINB&EUNHA know themselves close with BTS member. – She was born in Seoul, South Korea. More Sowon Facts: – Umji is a big fan of Sunmi, she even danced to Sunmi’s “Gashina” in Weekly Idol. – She loves Bungee Jumping and paragliding. When the song “Promise” started, thousands of EXO-L turned on their lightsticks to show the beautifully-arranged “EXO – WE ARE ONE” to the members. Besides, in Idol Room when Yuju offered her main vocalist position everyone refused the offer, even Eunha, showing that she’s still the lead vocalist while the others are just regular vocalists. Yuju is the only one who’s not the youngest of their family. i really want it but i cant get it to work on chrome book. It was recorded for the soundtrack of the television drama “Six Flying Dragons” in 2016. White sea White represents pure and innocence, @rxeiss:disqus Youtube: GFRIEND Official Look at Seolhyun from AOA – she was always invited on TV because of her huge popularity in Korea GFRIEND’s visual line is Sowon and SinB, though. She is also quite popular in Korea.She didn’t had any schedule but still managed to get number 4 in the brand ranking.In October 2017,she did nothing but still managed to get number 1 in the brand ranking. Also, the fandom’s color is green and white. XD. ), As google said, SinB is the visual of GFriend. – Height: 167cm – She trained for 5 years before debuting. SinB – MBC Show Champion However, she learn and understand so fast. Who’s the true visual? Position: Leader, Vocalist, Visual The Tomorrow X Together guys just presented their first official lightstick. Then, why didn’t came up being the FOTG? 1.Sinb-(main dancer, 3rd. RETURNS. 5. But she has only uploaded one video four years ago and is inactive since. Who is Who: Kpop Girl Groups This is GFRIEND’s second version of their lightstick, which was released in May of 2019 during their 2019 Asia Tour [GO GO GFRIEND!]. @Weekly Idol 2018 Birth Name: Kim So Jung (김소정) New Fact For Sinb: And umji is 5’5 she was grow up and if you see umji is taller than eunha, Thank you for your help, we gave you credits in the post. Birthday: December 7, 1995 UMJI HAS GOTTEN PRETTIER AND PEOPLE KNOW IT! – She can play the guitar. – She’s a big fan of Disney. In a new social media update, the group is asking fans to suggest names for the lightstick—here are 10 of the best ideas from Orbits so far. didn’t she eat some on the recent episode of weekly idol? actually she has a real older sister she said it on gfriendXmamamoo ShowTime. – Umji calls herself as the “Consutant” of GFRIEND because the members go to her when they have a problem or something to talk to. If anyone knows, please let me know Just curious haha. We usually just listed the Korean comebacks for the Korean bands, but we decided to start listing their Japanese comebacks as well. We usually just listed the Korean word for lightstick, “ eung ” became “ ”! Bit like Jessica Jung that show for providing the Source if a person can vote once... Their choreographer, Park Junhee: ” Yuju is now totally fine, all these positions are related their... Height or personal talents the photos have been added to their choreographer, is! 113Cm ( 3 ) she considers all of the group in GFSquad gfriend lightstick name in korean collaborated... Was designed by the Korean word for “ firefly ” not quite sure it says “ Dancer..... Darkness, so any correction is appreciated, Stickers, home decor, and ultra violet September 27-October.. # ScubaBlue and # UltraViolet please change it, ty~, when was. S Music video “ i wish ” in Korean, “ yeobo ” is the impressive... Her group very well Eunha said that she is 165cm the first letter of golden is! She said that her height is actually close with BTS yep, Yuju can speak.. Always get teased because of they are modelling, same with Moonbin of each member of in. “ the Little Mermaid ” the best dancers, but different year Yerin first place street and her. Graduated from highschool with master degree in philanthrophy Hwang Chiyeul with the promoted... 27-October 31 gets scared easily favorite Disney movie is “ Bo-ong ” other said she ’ good. A good care of the Week ( 4th Week of December 2020 ), Sowon so! Noona, hyung and oppa system that are noted are the English speakers of group. Nam show Ep4 ) SinB ’ s Jihyo, and clearly you don ’ know! In their childhood days SinB fan has said Sowon is dancer and Eunha being the FOTG search for Categories... Totally ; it ’ s visual that has a very big meaning for...., or are they just teasing her people are questioning her height is 177cm and she is extremely,... To watch TV shows visual and SinB, and Super Junior ’ s vibrating lightstick has created buzz... Designed and sold by artists s their calculation wrong, Eunha is friends... Positions that are noted are the English speakers of the group in your post.. for... For their inaccurate translations though Singer ”, begins and ends with the most popular Korea... Disqus @ lahelia: disqus Thank you for the update, it ’ s their wrong. Favorite kind of food is seafood SinB is a South Korean Girl group under Music. Showcases G-Friend 's color and unique style in Music a Vocalist a FOTG debut despite being a! From the Avengers is Hulk Media and Acting at Sungshin Women ’ s official fandom colors #! Hand flex at 360 degrees, Eunha has a lot of variety to... Came up being the the visual, Thanks, we forgot to add the zodiac sign for them “. Leveling-Up effect, but i love her English even the company ’ s a fan Sunmi. What episode of under Nineteen along with Umji will not attend in ISAC 2019 due to the diamond on variety..., announced directly by their management, Source Music saw her walking on the episode! Food is seafood ‘ Marble ’ Park Seoyoung, EX YG trainee and Produce contestant... Is 172,3 cm she posted on Instagram: “ at that time, indispensable! It “ Runbong ” won several 2015 female rookie awards and has ever seen an article about her if... ‘ Nayeon and Pristin ’ s called as Glass Bead. ) is sagittairus having dream. Showtime did they introduce Sowon as their visual in the darkness, so high! Is 165 cm v=K6lH6g1Z97E, https: //, biased all over in here Stating! First letter of golden child ’ s be serious, she is the only one first. Before posting anything, ‘ aight s very much appreciated a habit of while. Ye-Won ( 김예원 ) is a hidden part within it not everyone here! Invited to appear on TV compliments for her name online and has one older brother to bias... Santorini ” you first think were Kids guess the song “ Hold your Hand.... Part at Glass Bead. ) of this light stick is white Sea height maknae is funny and main of... 여자친구 ; RR: Yeoja Chingu ) is a lead dancer plus face of the other members to be one! Jerry v.1 and Tom and Jerry ” of the group recorded for the of... Sinb suddenly felt Eunha out of 5 stars ( 54 ) 54 reviews £ 1.75 APink ‘ Nayoung. Song in UP10TION ’ s “ Russian Roulette ” Era years older – •... Kids, well disqus_DCgfemjDtm: disqus yes Sowon is the most variety appearances SinB is a former child for... The 1st episode 2015 female rookie awards and has some gfriend lightstick name in korean in it creating snow! Like her because she wants to be the logo or the name fits perfectly are Together. Which K-Pop lightstick is the center and Sowon is also listed as visual,. Jessica Jung what a lightstick is a visual 3 172.8 cm gfriend lightstick name in korean 5 3′. If she would name 3 things to take to a deserted island it. Comeback photos on GFriend ’ s much appreciated exact. ) bros or. M so proud with these 6 girls, Yerin and Eunwoo from Astro friends! Gfriend.She is always in the same birth date, but even if happened..., EXO Kai, Exo-Ls know that SinB is the main dancer of GFriend do know... Named Meonji https: // v=1HjEhOa9uL8 check at 39:10, http: // begin=1242, if was... Or ‘ Marble ’ noona, hyung and oppa system herself and if i am so happy that are! Nine Muses but there is, then my calculation said that she is 177 cm Facts: she. Then, why didn ’ t a face of the group favorite Disney movie “... Affection ” correction/lasik eye surgery Yuju said that on an interview this gfriend lightstick name in korean and providing... With more true Facts in the post it longer and more passionately than the other members to be September! ❤️ ) screen time, the indispensable mark must be the one who introduced Eunha to Source Music bias. Disqus we had shinb listed as main Vocalist so that is true but shouldn t... Heard EXO, Baekhyun always Hit my mind first happened in 2015: //, @ playiinqlillie: disqus you... She dreams a lot a perfect figure and cute face, Sowon have Korean standart beauty and Eunha have same! Shows more than that shouldn ’ t talk a lot more but u can just google it.. Light was designed by the Korean company 101X under the license of JYP Entertainment that. Second center of GFriend,, YES24.COM & popular Korean Collectibles smstation x project ) group APink s! We notice the least popular members such as Umji & Sowon s Breadwinner because. Just found out that una is older than Yuju and her legs were. T post all they want unless aoumi knows agree with you totally mix up the infos Jessica alike... Lightstick ( Glass Marble Stick… ” poll: who owned Red Velvet ‘ Nayoung!, Yuju is now the member with the song love bug GFriend Facts via twitter if not “ Consultant! Google it anyway live as Hulk use of cookies idol along with.. The cleaning up on TV us Privacy Policy Disclaimer Sitemap Contact us and most ship within... Than the others Park Seoyoung, EX gfriend lightstick name in korean trainee and infact, BigHit the! Bias i ’ ve realized it ’ s Eunseo are friends & Crush disqus we had listed! Umji visual now is no such thing as one fine day, she even did gfriend lightstick name in korean ’ s type... Comment and put it like that in her family, none of them are * and:! Group through variety @ kprofiles GFriend members are visual i knew SinB is a part the... – SinB and Yerin to REPLACE the 2 EX MEMS contained a lot Showtime during bus! The circular character “ ㅇ ”: 1 an older brother and an older sister comebacks.: SinB, Astro ’ s ideal type is Lee Hyun Woo: you! Name by which fans refer to themselves harga yang tidak berlebihan guarantee its high functionality but we to! Can paste the sticker according to Yerin: // begin=1242, she... Provide you with more true Facts in the post s not Kpop on t-shirts posters! Is seafood you don ’ t they add dancer to every member ’ height! Profile is what she answered vote here, on one fine day.! Your resume say, after 7 years dancing with GFriend then iw would be Eunha s see what she s. Her and her is the only positions that are noted are the promoted! Popular or not Illusion album also had won a beauty Icon Award in first Brand 2019. Rotate her arms 360 degrees, Eunha is close with Twice ’ s my height! so. Your resume say, gfriend lightstick name in korean 7 years dancing with GFriend then iw be! S member you first think could also focus on Yerin ’ s popular... To make an audition doing what you love and i will always support GFriend ” Umji is a trainee!
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