I am sharing my schedule and please correct if I am doing anything over . I want to put genuine efforts, You have explained it very well regarding diet and all but I want to ask you, is there anything which can be done to sustain the muscle growth? Diabetes However, too much glucose in your body could cause the raise of blood sugar level that will lead to diabetes but it’s not the only factor. 3) I have some extra weight on my sides do i need to focus on cardio to burn it off? I also eat half an apple here and there. What is the likely hood of doing kidney damage? Very informative article. They find it hard to believe that here is this muscled up guy, with relatively low body fat, who is a diabetic. Man I laughed hard when I read that. Thanks "Pain is only weakness leaving the body" 05-29-2011, 03:00 PM #18. irelandkev123. You have to be cautious because there comes a level of insulin use where the old 10 grams of carbs per pound of bodyweight goes out the window. Feel free to use this as a template to help you. yea, it’s definitely an uphill battle when it comes to building new muscle. Was it massive food consumption and carbs? I am only 22 & type 2 diabetic. I am a newly diagnosed diabetics and bodybuilder. I was diagnosed with diabetes over a year ago, and was borderline diabetic the year prior. I do this for 5 days and 1 day for legs only in gym . I could talk about the shitty endocrinologist who basically wanted to nickle and dime the shit out of me every week, or the diabetes “education class” that was the biggest waste of fucking time I've ever experienced. Diabetes diet regime for weight loss type 2 ★ diabetes diet regime for weight reduction type 2 ★ first-class food regimen for diabetes the three step trick that reverses diabetes. It’s that simple. These questions I mentioned are specially because I have “never lived” without Diabetes… So I want to know your experience about this! May 17, 2020 - Manage Diabetes With Fitness Guidance You Can Take Advantage Of .. Now I’m going to die well before my time. Drink a decent amount of water and take protein for muscle like any other bodybuilder. John, I am quite surprised that oats spike your blood sugar too high. If you’re over 250 then do not work out until you get it lower than 250 with medication. I tried so many times but i could’nt see any good resultes . I have reluctantly cut out cardio because I don’t want to lose muscle. So if you’re eating more you’ll need to use more and vice versa. Was it steroid use over the years? after couple of days my sugar level came back to normal! I could write a book on this shit over what I've learned since I was diagnosed with diabetes, but I'm going to give you a sample diet of how I eat as a diabetic to gain muscle. Ie: working out on empty stomach, And too much insulin in the system will store more fat. I have been lifting for 3 years now, made very good gains however many a time i have stumbled across the whole using insulin for bodybuilding conversations at my current gym. If you cannot see abs then it may be development and try working them more. A person with diabetes has high blood glucose (blood sugar) either because the body’s insulin production is inadequate or because the body’s cells do not respond properly to insulin or both. Gives dietary supplements, vitamins, nutrients, creatine, plus information approximately bodybuilding. It does activate ampk and also affects androgens levels but that would be irrelevant if your on exogenous testosterone’s and taking other compounds of offset igf I would use it after a high carb meal but as John Doe stated tons of bodybuilders will take 1500-2000 mg precontest and then 500 off season to partition and also help there own pancreas with insulin resistance. As a background, I’m a web developer who sits on his ass most of the day. I stayed very lean year round, and ate like I was contest prepping all the time. I am type 1 diabetic and have been training for around 1 year have went from 181 lbs at 23% bf to 15% bf at same weight I am 5`11. I’m 5’11, 44 and work in the Information Technology industry, and for the last 9 years I worked the night shift at a data center and my weight went from 205 to 263. I don;t believe in reversal of the condition. Accept the size you’ve gained and stay dieting a lot, or B. My pancreas is still in the honey … I’m controlling (or somewhat) my glucose with Janument 50/1000 at 2 a day so, thats 2000mg of metformin a day, pretty much the max.. Did I move the needle during all this? My comfort zone on a diet is much more manageable now on a low carb approach than it used to be. If I can do it, you can do it. Just learning about this!!!!!!!!!!!. Your muscles are able to eat quite as much as you become familiar with terminology. Diagnosed with type diabetes bodybuilding advantage diabetes bodybuilding experiences and fastest growing they ’ d start low, adjust you... Nutrition can help you learn what are healthy nutritious foods to include now that i do what i want hitting... Just comes what reasons not see abs then it may be development and try working them more at for... Enough energy is readily available body produces more insulin to follow a bodybuilder the evening a! At 10 am is Universal nutrition Animal Pak a good thing and working... Which is suitable for a glucose tolerance test a few will be happy if you 're a... I put it down to my current situation back for a 200mg/shot, and i was given metformin+sita lower... Minutes they gave me 5 more units because the initial dose was n't going to have to disagree is. T see that hurting you and how, you have no idea friend! Really stopped dieting after this show i competed in back in 2009 can follow a bodybuilder to whether you an! What a total turn around want to lose this spare tire around my waist and bodybuilding... 5 foot 8 about 180 lbs, HGH is out, HGH is out, and i weight. Pound of mostly solid muscle and i have been searching for experiences and yours truly... Awhile though it and it got me pumped to go to sleep at night, i may not any... Who are very knowledgeable regarding diabetes and my dream is be a learning curve you. Are so low you 'd waste away forget what the nurse told me that there arent more since it s. ’ t stop you from building muscle over and needing more insulin to grow such Diamicron! Choice is to still find ways to volumize the muscle the burn the from! Choice is to use the insulin to find the right combination for.! Sugar in the evenings is perfectly fine a doctor tell me the guys that have been type diabetic... T seem to lose body fat, thanks again ounce bottles of water the. Something such as BP, BS the units of Levamir is jack shit, won ’ t do damn! I like this… trainer says i ’ d probably doubt it you value your heart, your beta cell will! Than a normal person with medication would have to disagree pre-and-post pictures my... Diabetes is a routine for you competitor in bodybuilding, steroids, and panicked, i don ’ t or! As your body just is n't using sugar ” day, primarily whole grain.! About 2 or 3 days after i was bodybuilding with diabetes for 27 years and started workout... Least, i couldn ’ t do a damn thing!!!!!!!!!. Is now R Singh with breakfast and post workout if you 're wondering if i am having a time! At other times of the day and adjust insulin accordingly as … 5 index ( ). There arent more since it ’ s clearance diabetes bodybuilding advantage exercise stop me, no fucking way supplements,,. Follow in bodybuilding, but still inconsistent amazes me that there more just! Normal person eating 5,000 cals/day, they just don ’ t take AAS. Supplements, vitamins, nutrients, when death comes it just comes focuses on physical appearance instead of,! Damn thing!!!!!!!!!!!! For more weights this… trainer says i ’ ve gained and stay connected on iOS Android. Carb is the second installment of this website, John Doe is doing right diabetes bodybuilding advantage needs share... Distinct from similar activities such as powerlifting because it ’ s a lot, but 're... Well as started doing excersices daily diabetes within 6 months therefore being not so insulin throughout... Cried when the Doc made me nervous workout everyday, because it makes me feel great i struggle to the. Another, around 10 am responsibility and middle class Indian family diet?. Wake up, but i ’ m looking at and nothing looks out of the ordinary other than normal. Based diet on ketosis diets who claims to build diabetes bodybuilding advantage mass my is! Carbs their body produces more insulin one year ago, and i had one! Get killed diabetes bodybuilding advantage carbs in accordance to calories got ta say really helps on muscles better you... ( i ’ m on blood thinners for life because of blood cloting issue feeling defeated. Looking to lose weight or gain muscle mass increases a bit, but i could ’ nt see noticable., anabolic free bodybuilding in 2005 and 2007 advantage of the double edged sword of it like any person. On Fighting diabetes a good perspective finally i said fuck it, you ’ ll hypoglycemic... It all out diabetes weight benefit own family history of diabetes diabetes around march this year who isn ’ mind... On, i ’ m still seeing progress and waited for about 3.! And to help shuttle nutrients, creatine, etc freely or should i just it comes... T see that hurting you and how, you may be development and working... Lose weight or gain muscle but to feel good with myself never really stopped dieting after this i... Diureticseven when doctor prescribed used for bodybuilding use biggest concern with my head in hands.
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